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Stress among Adolescents in Relation to Locale | Original Article

Manpreet Kaur*, Mandeep Bhullar, in Contemporary Social Sciences | Social Science


Changing situations present challenges for an individual to cope up with demands of the environment around him and incapability to meet these dynamic demands creates the situation called stress. Though all phases of development are unique in their nature of changes and are equally contributive to human development, adolescence is considered to be the most sensitive period of one’s life. Also, adolescents are likely to experience more stress due to physiological and emotional changes that they go through during their transition from childhood to adulthood. This study is an attempt to study stress among adolescent girls and boys in relation to locale. The study was conducted on a sample of 200 adolescents, 100 boys and 100 girls selected from (rural and urban) schools of Punjab. The findings showed that adolescent girls of rural and urban areas have the same level of stress while urban boys were found to experience more stress. The findings have important implications for educationists and highlight the need to develop and provide coping strategies and mentoring services to adolescents for handling stress.