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DOI : 10.29070/JND Volume Frequency : Quarterly
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Dr. Dharam Vir

M. Phil, Ph. D. and D. Litt. Sociology Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut,

Next Issue Date : Jul, 2019

Aim/ Scope

The Journal of National Development (JND) is an interdisciplinary Quaterly peer reviewed & refereed international journal committed to the ideals of a ‘world community’ and ‘universal brotherhood’. The Journal is a joint effort of like-minded scholars in the field of social research. Its specific aims are to identify, to understand and to help the process of nation-building within the framework of a ‘world community’ and enhance research in Sociology, Anthropology, Social Work, Political Science, Psychology, History, Geography, Education, Social Medicine, Economics, Law, Communication, Linguistics and related disciplines like all streams of Home Science, Management, Computer Science, Commerce as well as others like Food Technology, Agricultural Technology, Dairy Science, Information Technology, Environmental Science, Nanotechnology etc. having social focus/implications. It focuses on issues that are global and on local problems and policies that have international implications. By providing a forum for discussion on important issues with a global perspective, the JND is a part of unfolding worldwide struggle for establishing a just and peaceful world order. Thus, the JND becomes a point of confluence for the rivulets from various disciplines to form a mighty mainstream gushing towards the formulation and propagation of a humanistic world-view. JND has Impact Factor & NAAS Score.

Development and Conflict | Original Article

Volume: 31/ Issue: 2 , 01 Dec 2018, Pages: 18-34 (17) | DOI: 10.29070/31/58283
S. M. Sajid* Khalid Mohammad Tabish

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Attitudes of Primary School Teachers Towards Inclusive Education In Manipur | Original Article

Volume: 31/ Issue: 2 , 01 Dec 2018, Pages: 115-125 (11) | DOI: 10.29070/31/58291
M. C. Arunkumar* P. Krishnakumari Narmada Hidangmayum Gangmei Akhuan Rongmei

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Shrimp Farming Units Management With Ratnagiri District | Original Article

Volume: 31/ Issue: 2 , 01 Dec 2018, Pages: 216-221 (6)
Pawan Kumar Verma* Shiv Ram Singh Jhajharia

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Dr. Dharam Vir

Former Head

Deparment of Post-graduate Studies and Research in Sociology

Nanakchand Anglo Sanskrit College, CCS University

Meerut-250004, India.


Sanjeev Mahajan

Department of Post-graduate Studies and Research in Sociology

Nanakchand Anglo Sanskrit College

Ch. Charan Singh University

Meerut-250004, India.

Satya Prakash

Former Associate Professor and Head,

Department of Law, Nanakchand Anglo Sanskrit College,

Ch. Charan Singh University,

Meerut-250004, India.


Kamlesh Mahajan

Former Head, Department of Sociology

Ismail National Mahila Post-graduate College

Ch. Charan Singh University

Meerut-250004, India.


S. K. Gupta

Professor of Sociology (Retired)

Punjab University, Chandigarh-160014, India.


Anita White

West Sussex, U.K., Arthur S. Wilke

Auburn University, U.S.A.

Benjamin Gil

Kenyatta International Conference Centre, Kenya

Bhoumik Deshmukh

University of Pune, Pune

Prof. D. P. Singh

NIILM-CMS, Noida, India

Edgar F. Borgatta

University of Washington, U.S.A.

Edward Gross

University of Washington, U.S.A.

Erling Berge

The Agricultural University of Norway, Norway

Erwin Scheuch

University zu Koln, Germany

Fred Gras

Leipzig, Germany

G. Narayan

Centre for Population and Development Studies, India

Glyn C. Roberts

University of Illinois, U.S.A.

Gunther Lushen

University of Illinois, U.S.A.

Hoimanti Dasgupta

Kalyani University, India

I. S. Chauhan

Barkatullah University, India

Jose Havet

Institute for International Development and Cooperation, Canada

Kurt Weis

Technical Univeristy of Munich, Germany

M.P. Singh

West Bengal University of Juridical Science, India

Paavo Sappanen

University of Helsinki, Finland

Pablo Suarez

Uppsala University, Sweden

Raj P. Mohan

Auburn University, U.S.A.

S. K. Gupta

Punjab University, India

S. L. Sharma

Punjab University, India

S. M. Dubey

Dibrugarh University, India

S. S. Sharma

C. C. S. University, India

Satish Sharma

University of Nevada, U.S.A.

Tamsane Foldesi

Hungarian College of Physical Education, Hungary

Wang Xiaoyi

Rural and Industrial Sociology, Institute of Sociology, Chinese Academic of Social Science, China

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